We are who we are because of Jesus.

(Note: This site is very new website and in the process of being filled with new content. We hope to have more detailed doctrinal statements posted soon, so please check back later to read more).

By God’s grace, we are a community of people who have been redeemed by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. By Him, we have been reconciled into the covenant family of God, and by His Word and Spirit we are being reshaped into a new creation. Our daily desire is for the life and character of Jesus to overflow from our lives and into the world around us, serving and loving and proclaiming the good news of His kingdom as we expectantly wait for Him to return and make all things new. He has drawn us to himself, forgiven us, and is calling all humanity to come to Him for abundant life and hope in the midst of the darkness and brokenness of this world. In the truth of the Holy Bible we find the answers for man’s dilemma and the hope for human flourishing. Because God first loved us, we love Him, we worship Him, and we seek to serve and proclaim Him to the world. And we welcome the privilege of sharing Him with you!

As part of Christ’s one Church that is united by him across all time and space, we deeply cherish our spiritual unity with all of God’s children who proclaim the good news of Jesus and live under His life-giving authority. Even as we are thankful to work alongside other believers who are in the Wooster area, we are also thankful for the close-knit ties of fellowship and cooperation that we enjoy within the specific denomination of the Apostolic Christian Church (Nazarean), in which we see God working in and and through – and in spite of – our spiritual forefathers. There are things within our spiritual heritage that is worth celebrating – things that God along has accomplished – and there are things that need to be repented of. We are not perfect, but our Lord is redeeming us and putting his fingerprints all over our collective story as he works to gather all things to Himself.

Though we live in a global and interconnected world, God has created us as finite creatures who can only be in one place at a time. We do want to send our Christian brothers and sisters to work for God’s kingdom in the far reaches of the earth, and yet we know with deep certainty that our primary mission field is right here in Wooster. Also known locally as the “Wooster Bible Fellowship”, we are committed to seeing God’s kingdom grow here in Wooster. We want our lives to display that “Jesus is in charge”, and we want to hear from our Savior one day, “well done!”

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