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God speaks to his children every time his Word is preached, and the Spirit is working to open our ears and hearts to that Word. Furthermore, in our day-to-day lives, every believer has ways that God is working in and around them. We can share these words and stories in ways that encourage each other and point each other to Jesus.

Read these blogs, comment on them, and find ways of spreading gospel encouragement. Also look here for our regular church updates.

UPDATE: Small Home Groups, Baptism, Graduation

Greetings All, Your four ministers met yesterday to explore the current meeting arrangements of our local congregation and have prayerfully decided to move forward, Lord willing, in the following way: For those who are comfortable doing so, we hope to start meeting in small home groups for Sunday morning worship, starting tomorrow (May 3). InContinue reading “UPDATE: Small Home Groups, Baptism, Graduation”


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