Send Your Neighbor a Postcard

There are so many ways where we can allow the love and truth of Jesus to overflow from our lives and into other’s lives of others. One way is by sending little notes of encouragement to our neighbors, and letting them know we care about them and are there for them if they need anything. Another way is to send kind, little notes to other believers, to “stir up one another to love and good works” (Hebrews 10:24). It is always so lovely to get something in the mail, especially now when people are more confined to their homes!

Emily Jankov recently designed this postcard image (above), and I think it gives a beautiful snapshot of what it means to love our neighbors, act selflessly, and communicate kindness during these times of uncertainty and anxiety. We can boldly do selfless acts of giving and service in the name of Jesus because we know that the Lord is our provider!

If you are interested in sending some postcards to family, friends, neighbors, or even strangers, I have permission and ordered a lot of these postcards to be printed (750 to be exact… bulk pricing is alluring), and I would be happy to give you all a bunch! The back is blank, so it is perfect for you to personalize the postcard with a hand-written note. You don’t have to be Shakespeare; just a couple simple sentences go a long way! I might also be contacting area churches to see if they can use them, but you all get first dibs. They should arrive by Monday the 13th, so let me know if you want any, and I will make sure they get to you – with US stamps adhered, if you like (I’ve got a lot of those, too)!

Let’s be creative and make every opportunity to show Jesus to all those around us!

– Judah W. (written 4/5/20)

2 thoughts on “Send Your Neighbor a Postcard

    1. Yes, you can absolutely have 10! And do not worry about the costs; they were literally pennies each. If the Lord is laying on anyone’s heart to give, we could use some funds in our benevolence account so we have enough resources on hand for our neighbors who may be in need.


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