Our Next Thursday Night Bible Study: Haggai

Every other Thursday evening, we have been gathering for an in-depth study of God’s Word, and recently we finished an 8-session study through First and Second Thessalonians.

Since we typically put a pause to these Thursday night gatherings during the summer, and since we only have a few more weeks left before June, we have decided to that our next study will focus on the short but powerful prophesies of…


Haggai was an Old Testament prophet to the Jewish people who had returned to their land after their 70-year exile in Babylon, and God had an urgent message for them: stop focusing on building and embellishing your own houses, and start prioritizing the rebuilding of God’s temple. It will be interesting to see how this ancient prophesy can speak into the life of God’s people today, and perhaps challenge and realign our priorities around God’s.

Come join us at the barn at 7pm tonight for the first half of this study, and then at 7pm on May 18 for the second half.

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