Practical & Spiritual Resources for COVID-19

In times like these, we must constantly remind ourselves to put our ultimate trust in God, not humankind. Even so, if we want our love to be informed by truth, it is good to be getting as accurate information as possible about what is happening around us and what are best practices for keeping our neighbors from catching this serious disease. Here are some helpful resources to keep you up-to-date on the virus and what you can be doing to “flatten the curve” and help your neighbors:

During this time of need, it is good to continue giving generously to the local church and to the ministries that God has laid on your heart, as you are able to. If you wish to give financially towards those who are in need here in Wooster, you can donate to our church’s benevolence fund, which is administered by our trustees. These donations can be mailed directly to PO Box 1482 here in Wooster, Ohio. Additionally, there are several local entities or international Christian organizations that have set up funds to help address people’s needs during this time:

Obviously, the Bible and our local Spirit-led community are our primary spiritual resources during any and all life situations. As a compliment to these, a number of Christian publications and organizations have been writing some very thoughtful responses and reflections on our current situation from a biblical viewpoint (note: this is not an endorsement of any perspectives found in these publications):

I am sure there are many more resources out there. If you have any suggestions, please let me know and I can see about keeping this post updated with new resources.

– Judah W., written on 4/3/20

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