A Believers Response in a Time of Crisis

Luke 21.

Brother Adam, God led you to a very appropriate chapter for the sermon’s title.

We see in verses 1-4 how the widow with the two small copper coins was still entrusting God with what she was given. She had an INTEGRITY  past that of the rich who were putting their gifts in. We must also remember the widow with her son who trusted Elijah and gave him something to eat before them during a famine. The LORD provides all our needs. How well are you at entrusting all to Him: your health, the family God has given you, the work He has given you as a means of provision, your time, your “free” time? We can have as much of God as we want. How much do you, do I, do we really want HIM? 

Verses 5-36 The signs of Jesus Coming. We will be TESTED by persecution, Jesus will give us our RESPONSE when we are brought before kings and governors. We have many opportunities to speak our TESTimony (vs13). How has God delivered you? Through what test have you been where you turned to Jesus to Surrender All? Fear can turn us to many fearful responses. But, if you know Him who breathes life into you, if you trust Him with all that He has given you, will you – will I – say, “here am I LORD, send me?” Send me to the fearful and confused, send me to the hurting and alone, send me to the longing heart so that I may TESTIFY of You, Jesus! Where is your faith?  The disciples are asking when will these things happen and what till be the sign. Read how Jesus answers. Is it possible that who we are in Christ and how we stand in the midst of crisis, or in any time for that matter, will be, in part, a sign to the world that these Christians have a different normal than they do. In the midst of virus,  government shut down, social distancing and FEAR, we have a peace that the world can not give.(Jn.14:27)

In Verses 34-36 we have great instruction. We are called to DISTANCE ourselves in the ways the world deals with things of crisis. We are called out, set apart, sanctified. “You are to be on guard so that day will not come on you suddenly like a trap. The day of crisis will come upon all. Keep on the alert at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are about to take place, and stand before the Son of Man.” May we stand before the Son of Man every morning, every day.

Things to do;

  • Get the You-Version Bible app so we can start a prayer group
  • Read aloud and study the Bible with those in your household and all over the phone.
  • Spend time with your children
  • Online Bible study
  • You can still be a witness at 6 feet apart!
  • Take prayer walks, praying for each house and person you pass and being neighborly to those you meet.
  • See what needs your neighbors have, and respond in creative, loving ways.

Written by Caleb W., March 30, 2020

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