Music Collaboration Opportunity

Brothers and Sisters, I have been wanting to add some lyrics to a number of pieces I have put together over the years on my guitar. The only problem is I have never had the talent to put words together to generate an actual song. If anyone is interested, I would love if you have time to write some lyrics to a song or send me an old song you may have written and I can put some melody to it. You can email or text me if you would like. I would also encourage you also if you are interested but would like different musical accompaniment (other than guitar), to reach out to one another and collaborate a song we can possibly learn and sing together when me meet again. Love and miss you all! Stay safe and may God Richly Bless you!

One thought on “Music Collaboration Opportunity

  1. Hey Adam, email me recordings of the music you composed, and I can start seeing if they cook up any lyrics in my mind.


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