UPDATED: Who You Can Be Praying For

  • John R’s mom, Gale, who has a hematoma in her leg but is on blood thinners and is currently in a rehab facility that is in lockdown: for protection, comfort, and healing.
  • Eva M: thanks that her family is healthy and has been giving so much help during this time; prayer for her family’s continued health, and for those family members who still need a relationship with God through Christ.
  • Our governments: that God would open their eyes to the full situation that they are entrusted with, and that God would give them wisdom and courage.
  • Richard and Margie’s son, Nathan: thanks for a good job interview; prayer for the next interview, and for God’s continued provision during this time.
  • Mariann’s sister-in-law Petra, who has found a lump and is going to a Dr’s appointment this week: for God’s peace, and, if this lump is something that is harmful, for healing.
  • Kat’s parents, Nick and Yami: thanks that they are recovering from COVID-19.
  • Ana Marija: for God’s protection and strength as she continues to share Jesus with her friends and neighbors, and for those receiving that message.
  • Ana Marija and Judah: that God would open a way for Judah to safely go to Ana Marija in Serbia and get married (a very small wedding), and for Ana Marija’ visa paperwork and interview to proceed despite the halt of “nonessential services” at the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade.
  • Judah, who is starting an online course: for focus, strength, and the ability to balance responsibilities and priorities.
  • Judah’s neighbor “R”, who is 63 has had 8 strokes, and is susceptible to COVID; for “R’s” sister “B” who has ALS; and for “R’s” other sister “S” who is paralyzed and in lockdown at a local nursing home: for God’s protection and peace through Christ.
  • Judah’s neighbor “H,” who has been on the move for a long time and is having a difficult time building relationships and trust with his new neighbors: for God to send new, dependable friends and neighbors into his life, and for a deeper trust in God.

Please post your prayer requests in the comments below, and we can keep this list up-to-date. Thanks!

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