Join a Virtual Hymn Project!

For anyone who is at all inclined to sing, here is a really great opportunity!

  • Pull up the sheet music from this webpage.
  • Download this music from this shared Dropbox folder.
  • Using earphones to listen to the music (one ear only), record yourself singing to this song with the best microphone you have available (audio only is preferred); its fine if it is just your smartphone. Try to follow the timing and volume of the piano recording, and try to eliminate any noises around you. We will tone down the volume of any parts that get a bit off, and your voice will blend in with all the other’s singing, so don’t be too timid.
  • If you don’t already have an app that allows you to record audio on your phone, try to download one (like this one). If you recorded a video on an iPhone, download the app “MyMP3” and convert your video to an audio file.
  • Send your recording (as an audio file) to Judah Weinhardt’s email, or “share” it via Facebook Messenger.

We will then try to stitch it together and post it on our “Wooster ACC” YouTube channel. For the video, we will show no faces; just the sheet music so viewers can follow along, if desired.

Please participate! Every voice will count!

– Judah (written 4/19/2020)

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