“That’s a Wrap”: Dobber’s Legacy Reflection

Well, here I am in my final week of Legacy. It sure flew by fast, and I wish I could continue on this journey for much longer! And the good news is – I can! You see, Legacy for me was the beginning of a new era. I have had the desire to go to Legacy for years and God opened the doors for me to come at just the right time. At the time Legacy began, I found myself in a place surrounded by people who had such deep knowledge of God and his word. I however, barely knew anything coming into this. Legacy allowed me to grow in knowledge of God’s word so deeply, and yet far beyond that. I learned what it means to be a true Christian. How to die daily and give our lives to God to glorify his name in all that we do.      

All of those great lessons, and continued prayer and support from my peers allowed me to grow much stronger in my faith for God. Before Legacy I was far too focused on what changes I can make on my own, and that’s the whole problem. We must be able to “Let go, and let God”. He will do as he wills, perfecting our lives in ways mot only unimaginable, yet also unattainable without him.     

Legacy was a fantastic opportunity to not only grow in the knowledge of God’s word, but allowed my to truly understand how to live out my faith daily. I wish I could do it all over again, and thankfully I have the rest of my life to live for Him. It doesn’t stop here. It’s merely a new beginning.

– Dobber (written 5/6/2020)

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