Committed Urgency in the Race

Reflections from John 20 As the spring season approaches, I welcome the promise of new life that is witnessed all around. God’s creation breaks forth anew and presents a magnificent palette to behold. With all my senses filling up, hope roots itself more firmly in my soul. Holy Week has always been a very cherishedContinue reading “Committed Urgency in the Race”

Easter Reflection on Zechariah 19

          As Easter approaches, a unique time of intense reflection follows. I think for many Christians, it can be somewhat easy to forget the magnitude of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. We know the truth, however in our human bodies it can be hard to fully comprehend theContinue reading “Easter Reflection on Zechariah 19”

A Believers Response in a Time of Crisis

Luke 21. Brother Adam, God led you to a very appropriate chapter for the sermon’s title. We see in verses 1-4 how the widow with the two small copper coins was still entrusting God with what she was given. She had an INTEGRITY  past that of the rich who were putting their gifts in. WeContinue reading “A Believers Response in a Time of Crisis”